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Our History
The Mission

A church that is Bible based, Christ centered, Holy Spirit led and Mission bound.

We are here to glorify God by changing lives through

Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship and Stewardship.

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Woodcrest United Church of Christ was organized by The Reformed Church of the United States in 1940.  The present building at  8107 Thouron Avenue in the east Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia was completed in 1941. In 1945, the first parsonage was purchased at 8042 Michener Avenue; the current parsonage adjacent to the church was built in 1955.  

During the 1940's and into the 1950's, with the growth of membership, new ministries and clubs were organized to meet the needs of the members and the community, including the Women's Guild, Woodcrest Men and the Youth Fellowship. A Brownie troop and Cub Scout pack were organized and sponsored by the church. As Woodcrest became more of an influence in the community, the need for school facilities in the area was brought to the attention of the Board of Education, resulting in the founding of the Edmonds Public School. 

In the late 1960's, as the makeup of the community began to change, Black members were welcomed into the Woodcrest  congregation. This continued into the early 1970's, as the Mt. Airy neighborhood continued to transition, with many older members moving out and younger families moving in.  Although the makeup of east Mt. Airy has changed over the years, Woodcrest has remained a mainstay of the community.

Woodcrest has been blessed with eleven permanent and several interim and supply pastors throughout its history. Each pastor has brought their unique gifts and innovations as different ministries were established to meet the changing needs of the congregation and the community.